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How to have more by having less – Get rid of 20%

An interesting concept , and very challenging at the same time that
i just learned recently by eben pagan in his self made wealth program.
In order to improve your mindset towards wealth is the
"Throw away 20% of what you have"...

Why you ask? 
Having more sometimes just takes your time.
There was a multi-millionaire that had a huge estate, 
where he had riches and goodies.
A huge field of grass that was kept nice and green by some sprinklers.
The funny thing here is that the sprinkler system broke so often that he had to
hire someone just to change the sprinkler devices everyday...

More stuff = more energy to keep track of it all = mentality of no satisfaction

I consider myself very open minded and I do all of the excercises
on the programs i do (not just listen passively), but this
one made me think twice...

"Get rid of 20%?!", this guy is nuts, was the thought that
inmediately went through my mind.

Why? Why would you get rid of your stuff?!
I mean, it cost you money... time... effort to get.

Okay adan, now you are taking this too seriously.

You first start small.
Any old shoes or clothes in your closet that you are not using anymore?
Maybe they don't fit?
In my case my closet was full of clothes, some new, some fancy...
And i found out that i was normally wearing the same 4-5 on a consistent basis.
It got so full that i reached mental paralysis, 
and just to not try to find something new i would unconciously wear what i knew i liked...

Well i checked through all my clothes and bam got rid of the old ones with holes and stuff. 
Even some stuff with holes i had emotional attachments to them, 
these took a bit more self persuation to do..

Shoes... i had a pair there that was just taking up space. Gone!
Magazines... lots of pc magazines that keep me up to date on technology and stuff,
but seriously, i wasn't going to read them again and it was just taking space in my shelf...
see ya! (plus i have the pdf version :P )

Papers on my filing cabinets... gone...
Old cables, hard drives that crashed that i would eventually
get the info inside of them when i got rich.... adios.
Old pens, papers, books that i don't care about anymore...sayonara.

Physical stuff cleanup... gone...
Hard drive.... movies, videos, music that i really am sure i won't watch ever again...

NOW the hardest part... my to do list...
There were some projects that seriously were not moving along and i had to kill them.

The end result.
Less stuff to manage, more physical and emotional space to
actually think about what i want to do in my life.
Less junk to slow me done... less dependance to things... and a nicer and cleaner room :)
I mean i love things, but i think twice about what i get now.

Also, you don't have to throw away the stuff, give them to someone
that might need them around you :)

Do you have any places in your life where you could get rid of 20% to make
make room for more? How would this improve your life?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone 
Good luck!